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Books on Racism: Racial Profiling Law Enforcement

He is the author of one of the best books on racism and racial discrimination in America today “A straight talk manual to interactions between police and urban males -Chicago Tribune. ”

“The complete guide to addressing Disproportionate Minority Contact–DMC”-Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), and the United States Department of Justice,

Author, Shafiq R,F, Abdussabur’s, philosophy of educating youth and police about their respective perceptions has been nationally recognized by the Connecticut’s Juvenile Justice System, The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), and the United States Department of Justice as one of the most important concepts in reducing DMC in the present day American Criminal Justice System. PBS documentary “Color of Justice.”


A Black Man’s Guide to Law Enforcement in America

Chapter 1: Instant Nolle

How to Survive the Common Motor Vehicle Arrests

Misdemeanor Motor Vehicle Arrestracial profiling law enforcement books on racism racial profiling book unarmed black man shot by police

The number one cause of anxiety among young African American and Latino/Hispanic males is motor vehicle-related incidents.  So frequent is its controversy, many have termed the incidents as “DWB” (Driving While Black), Stop-Frisk, and Racial Profiling.  And though there are countless opinions on this subject, the bottom line is that, in the majority of the motor vehicle stops involving Blacks and Latinos/Hispanics, the outcome is usually an arrest of some sort.  That arrest is usually an infraction ticket, a misdemeanor arrest, or a custodial arrest.  The irony is that, in most cases, these young men are arrested for charges that have nothing to do with motor vehicle violations but everything to do with them not knowing how to strategically use proper citizen conduct when dealing with the police.

So let’s get started.  Here are the top three reasons why most young Black and Latino/Hispanic males are stopped while walking or pulled over when operating a motor vehicle…………… Purchase and learn more about the most valuable information


Where We Live: Racial Profiling

  Investigative report finds blacks and Hispanics more likely to be ticketed.white cop kills black man books about racism

  By Where We LiveWNPR


A must watch video on Urban Youth Survival





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